Digital learning is any type of learning that is accompanied by technology or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology. It encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices including blended and virtual learning.

Digital Learning is sometimes confused with online learning or e-learning, digital learning encompasses the aforementioned concepts.

A digital learning strategy may include any of or a combination of any of the following:

-adaptive learning
-badging and gamification
-blended learning
-classroom technologies
-learning analytics
Learning objects:
mobile learning e.g. Mobile Phones, Laptops, Computers, iPads.
personalized learning
online learning (or e-learning)
open educational resources (OERs)
technology-enhanced teaching and learning
virtual reality
augmented reality
Through the use of mobile technologies, digital learning can be used whilst traveling as mobile technologies gives us this advantage.

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CHURCHILL SHOW – Without Audience!!


Comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill has shared his distressing experience after his comedians were forced to perform behind closed doors for the first time in the more than one and a half-decades his show has been airing.

A show with no people.

Churchill Show which airs on NTV every Sunday night is one of the events that has born the brunt of the Friday ban by the government on public gatherings in a bid to tame the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak.

Ndambuki has been forced to record his popular weekly live show without the estimated paying audience of 1,000 people, leaving him counting huge losses in lost revenue from tickets not purchased.

“It was like a rehearsal, we missed the audience, and I am sure they too missed us,” he exclusively told Nairobi News.

“Unajua show ni watu (a show is about the audience). It is a performance, we need the applause, reaction to make it a full act. The audience is part of the act.”

Ndambuki, who is also a radio presenter, added that about a hundred of his employees, including those managing the sound, stage, light, have been affected by the ban due to the threat posed by the new virus.

See the blazers!

He was not ready to divulge the financial losses but Nairobi News estimates the same would run into millions of shillings, considering the gate takings and sponsors who are consistently associated with the show.

That one of a kind show by Churchill will air on NTV on Sunday from 8 pm.

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QUARANTINE – What Is Self Quarantine?


Self-isolate is one of the measures being utilized to stop the spread of crown infection over the world.

It is one of the open wellbeing rules laid out by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The Health service characterizes self-isolate as a demonstration of people who may have been presented to Covid-19 isolating themselves for 14 days to screen in the event that they create side effects.

What is self-quarantine – In regard to Covid-19

This is not the same as confinement which, as indicated by the CDC, isolates the debilitated individuals with an infectious illness from individuals who are not wiped out.

The possibility of self-isolate is old and begun path, thinking back to the fourteenth century. The point was to shield waterfront urban areas in Europe from pandemics.

The term is gotten from an Italian word, Quaranta giorni, which implies 40 days. Laws around it were made yet later the CDC accepted accountability for Quarantine in 1967.

In 2003, the CDC, under the Executive Order of the US President, made a rundown of isolate capable sicknesses which incorporate cholera, diphtheria, irresistible tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral drain fevers (, for example, Marburg, Ebola, and Congo-Crimean) and extreme intense respiratory disorders.


Dr. Marvin Omingo, a clinical specialist at Ziwa Sub-County Hospital, Uasin Gishu County, says self-isolate is prescribed for individuals who may have been presented to the infection.

On account of Covid-19, it remembers individuals with making a trip history to influenced nations for Europe – the present focal point of the infection – the US and Asia.

Here is the means by which to appropriately go about it.

Remain AT HOME

On the off chance that you are advised to self-isolate, it implies you are required to be at home and not go to work, school or some other open spots. You ought not have any guests.


In the event that you live with others, at that point, you have to remain in a very much ventilated room with the entryway shut.

In the event that you are sharing a restroom, use it after every other person. Abstain from sharing towels and toiletries.

Request IN

In the event that you live all alone, you can arrange shopping and nourishment on the web or get your companions, family and family members to help. They should be that as it may, leave the conveyances at your doorstep.


During self-isolate, on the off chance that you create gentle side effects like a runny nose, sore throat, hack, and fever, at that point look for guidance first by telephone. Don’t simply go out and go to an emergency clinic or center.


Put squander in a lined dustbin and, while discarding it, but the liner inside another dustbin liner with the goal that it is twofold layered.

Should you test positive for Covid-19, the waste ought to be discarded independently.


Coronavirus malady (Covid-19) causes mellow ailment in four out of five individuals. In any case, in certain individuals, it very well may be progressively extreme and can prompt pneumonia or breathing troubles.

In uncommon circumstances, the infection can be lethal.

More established individuals, just as individuals with other ailments, for example, asthma, diabetes, or coronary illness, are said to be increasingly powerless against getting seriously sick.

Self-isolate is intended to help these powerless gatherings of individuals from getting tainted.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19): President Uhuru Kenyatta declares Saturday 21/3/2020 a national prayer day.


In regard to the affirmation of the fourth coronavirus case in the nation, President Uhuru Kenyatta has proclaimed Saturday, March 21 a National Day for Prayers.

Notwithstanding, in contrast to the past supplication days, the Saturday one will be seen in different homes the nation over as a careful step against the coronavirus pandemic.

In an announcement to media houses on Tuesday, Uhuru said the choice to proclaim Saturday a supplication day has come to subsequent to counseling with conventional Kenyans and strict pioneers in the nation.

“Subsequent to counseling a cross-segment of conventional Kenyans just as our strict pioneers, I have chosen to pronounce this coming Saturday, March 21, 2020, as a National Day for Prayer,” said the President.

President Uhuru said regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, Kenya and its residents won’t overlook God all the more so when we need God the most.

“We can’t disregard the need to go to God. In these conditions as we have done in the past as a country, we have constantly gone to God first to offer gratitude for the numerous gifts that He has given on our country,” Uhuru said.

He said with the progressing coronavirus pandemic, Kenyans need to go to God and offer with Him our feelings of dread and look for his insurance.

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“We likewise go to God to share our feelings of dread, our worries, yet in addition to look for his direction and ever-present assurance,” he included.

The Head of States said it is just God that will give Kenyans expectation and solace despite the continuous risk of coronavirus in the whole world, including that Kenyans ought to take advantage of the lucky break to go to supplications.

“We recognize consistently that we are nothing without our God. Furthermore, we have learned after some time that going to God in such occasions gives us comfort as well as expectation and solidarity to defeat even those difficulties that for us as people may appear to be unrealistic,” said President Uhuru.

He said the supplications will be led in different homes and work environments the nation over after the ongoing conventions declared by the administration to control the spread of the sickness.

“Regarding the conventions that we declared on Sunday and other progressing ones that will be reported now and again, I have thought it fundamental that this day of supplication be seen in our homes, in our work environments or any place we will dwell on that day.”

The supplications, as indicated by President Uhuru will be driven by a group of strict pioneers from State House, Nairobi asking 12 early afternoon on Saturday.

Uhuru mentioned all media houses, both TV and radio broadcasts, to communicate the supplications live to guarantee that all Kenyans partake.

“I offer to our media houses to communicate this occasion live on the entirety of our TV channels, our radio broadcasts and our online stages to decrepit Kenyans to take part right now,” said.

He asked Kenyans to request absolution for anything that we may have fouled up or request that God excuse us our transgressions

“On that day, we will approach God for His pardoning for whatever we may have fouled up or wronged Him.”

He likewise approached Kenyans to appeal to God for God’s insurance against our nation Kenya and its kin.

“We will together request His insurance and gift for our Nation, for our kin, for the world and every single worldwide resident. We will request that God reside with us, and to control us, both right now in times to come,” he included.

Uhuru guaranteed Kenyans that as an administration, they will keep on doing everything conceivable to keep Kenyans safe and forestall additionally spread of the coronavirus to different pieces of the nation.

“In our own neighborhood setting, we have done and keep on doing everything conceivable to guard our residents, and forestall additionally spread of the infection to our populace while making sure about the progression of business activities,” he said.

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With the progression of this time, the Internet is offering progressive assistance to all clients around the world. Individuals don’t need to go outside for the greater part of their needs regardless of whether they are searching for any administrations or item, they basically search it on the web. Where clients are searching for administrations there is a pattern of shopping on the web and that is the most loved among all ages regardless of Young or old.

Web-based shopping is the most appealing pattern nowadays in view of its points of interest to clients. We are experiencing a daily reality such that individuals need to spare time particularly the workplace laborers. They are overly occupied consistently and once in a while get time to go out and going through hours on shopping. That is the reason web-based shopping is a simplicity for such individuals as they can spare time and shop results of their own decisions online via looking through prestigious brands. Individuals not just pick internet shopping since it spares time yet additionally in light of the fact that they abstain from going to swarmed zones.

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This pattern isn’t just helping clients however to these brands too. It gives the chance to all brands to grow their client’s span and target Global Market by advance showcasing systems and with low publicizing cost. Where brands are selling their items online it causes them to keep the refreshed records of their deals and benefits as requests are being spared in their database consequently and web-based selling gives quicker and dependable installment alternatives. That is the motivation behind why the vast majority of the developing brands are moving their activities on the web. All brands and organizations do comprehend that having a site and show, selling items online requires less time and cash when contrasted with running a disconnected store or office.

This a reality that Online Shopping is presently a significant piece of numerous individuals’ lives. Youthful age is depending on online sources. Individuals are particularly agreeable in purchasing results of their decision, online with no attempt to sell something. Individuals do acknowledge since online scenes are advantageous for web-based buying and selling. Purchasers and Sellers both have held onto it as an increasingly helpful way. Be that as it may, everything related to the Internet has its impediments too.

Web-based Shopping is a finished bit by bit procedure and Buyers and Sellers must be cautious. A large portion of the stores are offering on the web installment choices, for example, Credit Card, E-Check, and other installment merchants, for example, PayPal and BitCoin. Considering these online installment alternatives trick chances are higher from the two closures purchasing and selling.

These choices have expanded the danger of data fraud and it tends to be simple when you are making an installment utilizing your card. Anybody can catch your touchy data, for example, your card number or charging address or your Phone number. Here and there individuals face misrepresentation from merchants where they make the installments, yet dealer will not deliver your bought things or send you an inappropriate one and this can be an issue.

Shopping time. Shop online instead

There are a couple of Buyers too who are related to these online tricky activities, and by and large where the picked portion elective is Cash on Delivery. People make purchases yet at the hour of getting things and making portions they don’t recognize the solicitations. For sure, even while making on the web purchases they use the assumed responsibility card or bogus portion decisions.

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COVID-19 effects on Mobile Loaning in the Region.


COVID-19 effect on loaning in the Region. What is your opinion?

This is the main emergency that portable loaning is confronting, would we be able to take in anything from history in different markets.

Thinking back over the Financial Crisis 10 years prior, Provident Financial which gives little worth transient credits “cruised through the emergency” while longer-term, bigger banks endured extraordinarily.

This, as you would expect, bodes well as momentary loaning is taking a gander at the ongoing history, the presentation of any one borrower is little and another choice is made all the time, in light of their FICO assessments not simply pay or turnover.

Utilizing pertinent information to have a 360 perspective on client hazard, and adjusting the procedure and shorts all the time will guarantee small scale loan specialists with important controls will see through the emergency. Resist the urge to panic and Credit Risk.

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