Coronavirus (Covid-19): President Uhuru Kenyatta declares Saturday 21/3/2020 a national prayer day.


In regard to the affirmation of the fourth coronavirus case in the nation, President Uhuru Kenyatta has proclaimed Saturday, March 21 a National Day for Prayers.

Notwithstanding, in contrast to the past supplication days, the Saturday one will be seen in different homes the nation over as a careful step against the coronavirus pandemic.

In an announcement to media houses on Tuesday, Uhuru said the choice to proclaim Saturday a supplication day has come to subsequent to counseling with conventional Kenyans and strict pioneers in the nation.

“Subsequent to counseling a cross-segment of conventional Kenyans just as our strict pioneers, I have chosen to pronounce this coming Saturday, March 21, 2020, as a National Day for Prayer,” said the President.

President Uhuru said regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, Kenya and its residents won’t overlook God all the more so when we need God the most.

“We can’t disregard the need to go to God. In these conditions as we have done in the past as a country, we have constantly gone to God first to offer gratitude for the numerous gifts that He has given on our country,” Uhuru said.

He said with the progressing coronavirus pandemic, Kenyans need to go to God and offer with Him our feelings of dread and look for his insurance.

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“We likewise go to God to share our feelings of dread, our worries, yet in addition to look for his direction and ever-present assurance,” he included.

The Head of States said it is just God that will give Kenyans expectation and solace despite the continuous risk of coronavirus in the whole world, including that Kenyans ought to take advantage of the lucky break to go to supplications.

“We recognize consistently that we are nothing without our God. Furthermore, we have learned after some time that going to God in such occasions gives us comfort as well as expectation and solidarity to defeat even those difficulties that for us as people may appear to be unrealistic,” said President Uhuru.

He said the supplications will be led in different homes and work environments the nation over after the ongoing conventions declared by the administration to control the spread of the sickness.

“Regarding the conventions that we declared on Sunday and other progressing ones that will be reported now and again, I have thought it fundamental that this day of supplication be seen in our homes, in our work environments or any place we will dwell on that day.”

The supplications, as indicated by President Uhuru will be driven by a group of strict pioneers from State House, Nairobi asking 12 early afternoon on Saturday.

Uhuru mentioned all media houses, both TV and radio broadcasts, to communicate the supplications live to guarantee that all Kenyans partake.

“I offer to our media houses to communicate this occasion live on the entirety of our TV channels, our radio broadcasts and our online stages to decrepit Kenyans to take part right now,” said.

He asked Kenyans to request absolution for anything that we may have fouled up or request that God excuse us our transgressions

“On that day, we will approach God for His pardoning for whatever we may have fouled up or wronged Him.”

He likewise approached Kenyans to appeal to God for God’s insurance against our nation Kenya and its kin.

“We will together request His insurance and gift for our Nation, for our kin, for the world and every single worldwide resident. We will request that God reside with us, and to control us, both right now in times to come,” he included.

Uhuru guaranteed Kenyans that as an administration, they will keep on doing everything conceivable to keep Kenyans safe and forestall additionally spread of the coronavirus to different pieces of the nation.

“In our own neighborhood setting, we have done and keep on doing everything conceivable to guard our residents, and forestall additionally spread of the infection to our populace while making sure about the progression of business activities,” he said.

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